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Anthony Riches
Following a childhood which featured a deep interest in the military rooted in my father and grandfather’s service in the two world wars, I took a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University. Working for a succession of blue-chip companies over the next twenty-five years, I gravitated into business systems and change project management, and I’ve worked as a freelance project manager in the UK and Europe, the USA, the Middle and Far East over the last two decade.

Over the same period, I’ve gradually refined my ability to write fiction, initially for my own entertainment but more recently with the serious aim of achieving my debut publication. The manuscript of Wounds of Honour eked out a precarious ten-year existence on a succession of computer hard drives and memory sticks until a life-changing encounter in Belfast energised me to rewrite the manuscript and seek publication. Thanks, Gerry!

I’ve been married to Helen, our family’s only true adult for 35 years now, and we live in Suffolk with a dog the size of a pit pony and a manipulative cat. I’m a confirmed petrol head, and I spend my spare time…who am I kidding?… what spare time?


Anthony Riches Audible Session
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Anthony Riches introduces “Fortress of Spears”, the third book in the “Empire” series.

Anthony Riches explains the equipment of a late 2nd Century infantryman

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