Target Zero – Out Now!

‘An utterly compelling read’ – Manda Scott

‘The Bill meets Jack Reacher’ The Times

‘A full-throttle adventure that twists and turns’ – Andy McNab


‘A full-throttle adventure that twists and turns from the corridors of power to London’s gangland underbelly, propelled by a hero with a thirst for vengeance and the skillset to execute it’ Andy McNab

‘Nemesis kicks like a 12-bore shotgun … A British thriller to rival Reacher’ Giles Kristian

‘Mickey Bale is a Jack Reacher for a harder, faster, more assured millennium. Nemesis is the kind of book for which the word ‘compelling’ was coined’ Manda Scott

The Centurions

The Trilogy


The Series


Anthony Riches
My interest in all things military led me to a degree in military history and psychology (and Russian language), and a long standing desire to write led to the Empire series which has now reached the twelve volume point with several more to come.

A chance discussion with a royal protection officer – and jet lag in Australia – led more recently to the Protector series of modern thrillers.

I live in Suffolk with two Belgian cow herding dogs and a bad tempered cat, and my wonderful wife of 37 years.


Anthony Riches Audible Session
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Anthony Riches introduces “Fortress of Spears”, the third book in the “Empire” series.

Anthony Riches explains the equipment of a late 2nd Century infantryman

Out of interest: Rome Reborn 2.2 – A Tour of Ancient Rome in 320 CE