Centurions: Codex Batavi

View Category: | ASIN: B07MK9D7QD | Graphic Graphic novels, artwork and miscellania from The Centurions
This 40-page ebook is the collected graphic novels, artwork and a short story from the Centurions trilogy. The three short graphic novels (8 pages each) each illustrate the prologues in the three books in the trilogy, combining to ask the question, what does an emperor do with a man who answers his call for a limited revolt with all-out warfare? Also included are six pieces of character art with the author's musings on what they were like to write, and a short story based set late in the trilogy. Notes: Please do not expect a full-length graphic novel, read the description and only choose to purchase this ebook in that knowledge. Given that the artwork in this ebook cost several thousand pounds to generate, and noting that the royalties (60 pence of the purchase price - which was the minimum Amazon would allow given the file size at over 30mb- the rest going to fund the delivery platform) will be going to the charity Combat Stress, the price does not seem excessive as long as you know what you're getting. If you don't want to pay this price for a 40-page artwork collection please don't make the purchase.

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