• ISBN-10: 1801102813
    ISBN-13: 978-1801102810

Target Zero

Former close protection officer Mickey Bale has a dangerous skillset. One that many men—good and bad—want to make use of.

That’s why a powerful Russian oligarch wants to hire Mickey to protect him. And with his wife gone and his track record with the Met in tatters, Mickey doesn’t feel he has a choice.

But when a terrorist attack kills a police firearms team, MI5 suspect that Mickey’s new client and the Russian GRU are involved. The bomb was a Sunburn missile warhead, military-grade and able to vaporise everything in its blast radius. And there are more warheads out there.

Blackmailed by MI5 into spying on the client he’s been hired to protect, Mickey is pushed to his limits by this new double-agent status. If he doesn’t locate the other warheads, thousands of civilians will die—and time is running out…

'An utterly compelling read' - Manda Scott

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