Wall Walk Day 1

Category: | By Anthony Riches

Firstly a huge apology to the people who turned up to Waterstones in Carlisle expecting to see three authors, including myself, at 1400 today. Our taxi driver started the rot by driving us most of the way to Maryport before admitting she had no clue of where she was or where we were going, making us an hour later getting started than expected, and then the two re-routings from the wall path that we had to make cost us more time. We actually reached the shop at 1645, just in time to watch them close the place. So we’re all sorry.

The day was OK, but very long at 17 miles, and we all suffered from the first day aching feet and shoulders that are inevitable when you kick off such unaccustomed physical activity. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be a little more relaxed, at 13 miles…we shall see. I’ll blog properly on the first two days tomorrow night.

Night all!