The 7th book is coming…

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Anthony has now started work on the seventh book in the Empire series. This will mainly involve sitting in a converted Hen House on a Hertfordshire farm in a vain attempt to escape the distractions of the internet, thinking about sports cars, firearms and other shiny, complicated and expensive means of wasting both time and money, drinking a lot of tea and then writing furiously for as long as half an hour when inspiration creeps up behind him and hits him over the head.

At some point in the year he will be walking Hadrian’s Wall in full Roman kit for the second time (with fellow historical fiction author Ben Kane, whose idea it all was this time round), having vowed never to do it again and thus proving that his mid-life crisis is still going strong. He does however have a secret weapon that will save him from carrying thirty or so kilos of iron for several days of incessant hill climbs and descents – Late Roman uniform, which seems to have been agreeably iron-light.

More news will be published as it becomes available (when Ben and Tony work out a plan of some sort), and in the meantime it has been decided that charitable donations will be split between Combat Stress and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Book six, ‘The Eagle’s Vengeance‘, will be published on August 29th 2013, and is now available for pre-order from all the usual sales outlets.”

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