Terms & Conditions

All rights to the artworks and story of the Graphic Novels (Betrayal: The Raid, Onslaught: The Attack and Retribution: The Decision) remain with Anthony Riches with the intellectual property claimed and owned by Cold Steel Ltd.

Permission must be sought and received in writing prior to any use on electronic media of any sort with the exception of the cover page and the first page of graphics, which may be used freely for non-profit purposes.

There is a limit of five copies of the signed and numbered version per order. You can of course order as many as you like but only 3 per order will be signed and from the numbered edition.

Postage cost: P&P is Included for UK orders – If you are/would like your order sent overseas please indicate in the Additional information ‘country’ field on the CHECKOUT form – I’ll then contact you after I have calculated postage for any additional postage cost.