Marius Postcard Giveaway!

Score a ‘Marius’ limited edition postcard!

Want to receive a copy of the character card depicting Marius, first spear of the 5th Alaudae?

You can have one with my compliments if you’ll do me the favour of putting a review of ‘Betrayal’ up to let the world know what you thought of the book.

Please post your review on Goodreads to start with, and if you have the time please copy the review to Amazon (who sometimes behave a little strangely around reviews from Facebook friends). Leave your name and address and the link to your review and I’ll have a card away to you by the next post

This postcard will be sent free of charge to anyone who enters their name and address, email, and who can present proof of having left a review (a screenshot will do)

The cards are full colour copies of Sara Tomlinson’s beautiful portraits of leading characters from the books, feature quotations from ‘Betrayal’ with relevance to that character’s part in the story, and are likely to become collectors pieces alongside the books. Get this card now, if you want to collect the set, or you’re risking disappointment.

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