December 31st, 2012 by Anthony Riches

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  1. Paulo Cruz says:

    Hello Sir, im Paulo from Portugal, today i finish the firt book of Impire series, i love it, great book.
    I like to know if the rest of the books of Impire and Centurion series will be in Portugal.

    Thank you very much

    Paulo Cruz

  2. Herbie Cahoon says:

    Hi I have so enjoyed all your books and have just finished reading The Scorpion’s Strike brilliant as usual . I was wondering if you are going to continue with the Empire series 11 I do hope so , I recommend your books to friends and know they won’t be disappointed

  3. Michael Reaney says:

    Having now read and enjoyed all 10 volumes of the Empire Series, I would love to know if further volumes are planned? I hope so!

  4. Jim Harper says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I have just finished reading”Wounds of Honour” and thought I would write to say “Thank you for a good read”.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have now sought out the next two in the series. I have always thought it strange that society will applaud an ‘on stage’ artist for a few minutes entertainment but very few write to express appreciation to an author who has kept us entertained for many hours.
    I live in Lincoln – a city with many Roman links.
    When I have visited Hadrians Wall my imagination has always been fired up. I cannot walk the wall sites without wondering what life was really like for those who built the wall and for those who were garrisoned there. On a rainy day, when I am cocooned in my modern-day all-weather clothing I can only imagine the misery it must have been for those dressed in woollen cloth, faced with having to stand watch in all weathers and only a cold damp tent to return to. No wonder the Romans introduced hot baths and underfloor heating!

    Having taken the “Queen’s Shilling”, I took my turn to patrol and stand watch, but luckily for me, it was always somewhere nice and warm (e.g. Borneo, Bahrain).

    Your book wove an interesting story, it kept my interest from cover to cover. A really enjoyable read. I will certainly recommend your books to my friends.
    I am looking forward to “Arrows of Fury”.
    Thank you.

  5. BARRY STANLEY says:

    Hi Anthony
    Sorry to bother you but as an avid reader of all your books so far I was wondering when your next novel is due to be published or if it’s even a seed in your mind yet?
    Really love your stuff hence the reason for interest in your next one
    Barry Stanley

  6. Ian Panton says:

    I love your ‘Empire Series’ books and have all of them. Having recently finished reading ‘The Scorpions Strike’, the only criticism I can make is that ALL the books are impossible to put down – much to the disgust of my cats, who have to compete for my attention (not that they are in any way neglected – they wouldn’t allow it!). I’ve read most of the books in this genre by Simon Scarrow, Christian Cameron, Douglas Jackson, etc and for my taste, the only one who comes close to providing such gripping reading is a relatively new author – Adrian Goldsworthy – with his Vindolanda series. My only problem is the selfish impatience with which I await your next book! I admire your talent enormously and I only hope that you continue the ‘Empire’ series well into the reign of Septimius Severus – after hopefully having Marcus and Scaurus et al somehow involved in the assassination of Commodus! Best wishes to you and your family – and please keep writing!!

  7. Vic DiEleanora says:

    Dear Mr. Riches;

    I just found you on Amazon and also have a lifelong passion for military history.
    Do any of your books deal with the Roman legions in Palestine, specifically Judea and Jerusalem at the time of the great revolt?

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