December 31st, 2012 by Anthony Riches

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  1. Tim Loftus says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I last saw you at the Festival of History, where you kindly signed your latest book (Fortress of Spears) for my boys and generously gave up 10 minutes of your time talking with them. How time flies, but my eldest still recalls it clearly !

    It is nice to see ‘Two Knives’ back on the beat, and I’m looking forward to the latest chapter of his exploits. Because of the current situation and being on furlough I have taken the opportunity for some light revision and am working my way through the Empire series in preparation ! Still good stuff !


    1. Anthony Riches says:

      Hi Tim, apologies for the slow reply, website failed to alert me. And blimey, that’s a while ago. I hope you enjoy River of Gold!



  2. Pete Smith says:

    Really enjoying your book wounds of honour. Going by some of your comments in the book is “let’s go and see the head shed”, I did think you were ex Brit army. Was most surprised to find that you were not. Keep up the good work sir.

    1. Anthony Riches says:

      Hi Pete, thanks for the kind comments. I’d forgotten the ‘head shed’ line, which (with the benefit of a number of years of perspective) might be a bit too modern. And no, I’m not ex-Army, although at one time I was determined to be a Marine. Great grandad was a Grenadier Colour Serjeant (I have his Queen’s South Africa medal with 6 battle claps – the most being 8) and a right nasty piece of work (he used to walk round London with a sword stick for self protection, which I still have). Grandad was too short for the Guards, he was a First Leicesters machine gunner at Third Ypres in 1917 (the earliest he could volunteer). 28 platoon mates dead in an afternoon… And dad… read it to the bottom of the page, there’s two sections. Why didn’t I end up in green? I cocked up officer selection at 18 (I went to Lympstone and did all the running around and being shouted at by NCOs stuff, but made a mess of Admiralty Interview Board and to be brutal I don’t think i was officer material at the time, I needed roughing up some by life), went to University and got a stomach ulcer at 20. Hospitalised, met the wife (my nurse) and that was that. So there you go (oh, and my degree was in Military Studies…), that’s why I know the langauge.


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