Postcard Giveaway!

Score a limited edition postcard!

Here’s a chance to score one of the six postcards showing characters from the Centurions trilogy, and this one’s strictly for the readers.

This portrait of Alcaeus the wolf-priest will be sent free of charge to anyone who enters their name and address, their email, and who can present proof of having pre-ordered ‘Betrayal’ (which is published on the 9th of March) in either hardback or ebook format, and on any sales platform (Amazon, Kobo, Waterstones, whoever).

The cards are full colour copies of Sara Tomlinson’s beautiful portraits of leading characters from the books, feature quotations from ‘Betrayal’ with relevance to that character’s part in the story, and are likely to become collectors pieces alongside the books – and once this offer is over (on publication day) that’ll be it for general issue. Get this card now, if you want to collect the set, or you’re risking disappointment.

And as a special bonus, the first 80 readers to register for this giveaway will receive limited edition signed and numbered copies of the card – eighty cards for the eighty men in a century. So get your order in early!

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